123 Kids Fun 8 in 1 HD – Educational Games – Entirely New iPhone & iPad App!

Eight unique games for your child that entertain and teach at the same time!

Version 1.0 has just been released!

123 Kids Fun 8 in 1 HD – Educational Games is an amazing application for the youngest, which include, among other games, finding differences, recognising colours, counting and smashing soap bubbles, puzzles, guessing animal sounds, finding similar sea animals and many others.

Children, who have already tested the game, confirmed together that it is a fantastic game and they will play it every day from now on! :)

Your child learns names of animals, fruits, vegetables, objects, colours and digits. Learns how to find similarities and differences. According to the rule that a child should be praised and awarded for achievements, a system of prizes is an extra motivation to solve individual tasks.

Games that you will find in this App:

1. Guessing sounds of animals.

2. Finding differences.

3. Finding an animal that does not match to other animals.

4. Looking for two same pictures.

5. Arranging with pieces of fruits and vegetables.

6. Smashing and counting soap bubbles.

7. Showing food eaten by a specific animal.

8. Learn colours.

What else? Cheerful robot Tina guides your child throughout the whole application and explains your child what to do on individual screen in an easy and direct way.

Easy navigation and simple tasks as well as the helpful robot make the application friendly for your kids. You may help your child, but you don’t have to… :)

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