123 Kids Fun Games: Learn Counting, Letters and Animals in this Fun Kids Game

Great application for your child. It may sound brutal, but our application has been tested on children :) My 3-year-old daughter (on one of the balloons on splash screen), son (on the second), children of my sister and countless other children guarantee your great fun (and education!) during entertainment with 123 Kids Fun Game.


What will you find there?
There are 5 simple attractive activities in the application.

1) Digits
Learn how to count numbers – each number comes with a sound and a funny illustration.
2) Letters
Learn the alphabet – each letter comes with a sound and a funny illustration.
3) Hit balloons
a simple game, where you have to hit all balloons – by the way my 3-year-old daughter loves this game and won’t go to sleep without at least 10 rounds :)
4) Animals
Put the picture of an animal in order and listen to its voice – happiness of your little one after putting the picture in order priceless – I know something about it :) I thought that this game is too complicated for my Victoria, but after a while I heard – Daddy I’ve made it. I felt like conquering Mount Everest :) By the way don’t you have a feeling sometimes that your little ones were born with the knowledge on iPhone navigation?
5) Words
pictures, sounds, animations of popular words that any child should know.

In addition the photo section allows making a photo of your: Daddy, Mammy and child (children) and this way you create a simple album of the application’s “owners”:)

Have fun!

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