2011 Photo Calendar application for iPhone

Are you looking for a perfect new year gift?

Whats better than a 2011 Calendar with the Photos of your friends and family?

Photo Calendar -1.0 ( is the application you are looking for this holiday season. It is FREE for Holiday Seasons only.(31 Dec ’10 to 06 Jan ’11)

* Add Photos to the Calendar from your Photo Albums/ Gallery
* Caputre Recent photo and to the Calendar Layout
* Customize the Calendar Theme
* Share calendar to your friends on Twitter and Facebook
* Share calendar to your tumblr friends
* Email calendar to your friends and family
* Set Calendar as your Desktop wallpaper , save in your iPhone/iPod

This time celebrate Green movement and gift e-Calendar with Photo Calendar on iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Photo Calendar 1.0 is an application from (Nuskha Labs) (

Happy New year to all of you.

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