21 Blackjack Party – NEW FREE APP!


The new 21 BlackJack Party game combines social networking features with Spin3′s award-winning software and mobile casino industry expertise

Leading full service mobile gambling solutions provider Spin3 (, powered by Microgaming (, the world’s largest online gaming software provider, has announced the launch of 21 BlackJack Party, its first game for the Apple App Store. The new game will bring Spin3′s state-of-the-art technology from the mobile casino world to consumers via the App Store, with additional community features.

Spin3 has developed one of its most popular games for the growing iPhone applications market, which consists of over 100,000 apps with more than 3 billion downloads. 21 BlackJack Party is Spin3′s first step into the consumer applications market and represents a new direct-to-consumer approach for the traditionally business-to-business provider of turnkey mobile casino solutions. This new game makes it easy and fun for people to play whether they are new to online blackjack or not.

21 BlackJack Party is the first Blackjack game app to offer a community element within the game, tracking the players’ skill level and uploading their scores to a live scoreboard. The scoreboard introduces a competitive element to the game by enabling players to track their progress against other users at their level. Players will be able to check the scoreboard online through the 21 BlackJack Party microsite (best viewed on an iPhone web browser) and will be notified whenever anyone enters or exits their level.

21 BlackJack Party utilises the full functionality of the iPhone with tap and slide movement and advanced graphics. The play-for-fun game enables players to create a personalised profile that appears when the game is launched and next to their score on the live scoreboard. The server-based game saves each player’s ranking and balance. Even if players need to close the game mid-hand, the game is saved enabling them to return at exactly the same point that they left.

Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3, said, “The free-to-download game is designed to establish our presence in the app world. The decision to launch Blackjack on this new channel arose from the explosion in the apps market. Mobile application downloads are expected to reach five billion by 2014, which is a staggering number. Companies such as Zynga have made the transition to the applications market with its Texas Hold ‘em game and it’s been a huge success. Our new application will soon be available free-of-charge on the Apple App Store with new games and exciting new developments to follow. We are also looking closely at the Android market as another terrific opportunity. Our 21 BlackJack Party application will also be available on the Android Market for Android powered devices very soon.

“Our vast experience and technological knowledge in the mobile gaming industry has enabled us to develop a high quality game with advanced graphics and ease of gameplay. By utilising our back office and CRM tools which enable us to include advanced features such as community elements and tournament gaming now and in the future, I think we’ve developed a game that can match or surpass Zynga’s success.”

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