21BlackStreet: eBook Reader for iPhone

21 BlackStreet ( was begun in order to bring attention to the amazing

literature that African Americans have to offer to the world. The company has made a name for itself by

allowing African American authors to self-publish their work and to make it available for a large population

of people to enjoy. The company is now making it even easier for people to read and take pleasure in the

ebooks that their authors have to offer with their new iPhone application.

The New App

The iPhone application is also available on the new iPad and is the perfect way for people to enjoy ebooks

on the go. Anyone who has an iTouch, iPhone, or iPad can download that application. In order to find the

app, go to the app store and search for 21blackstreet or go to: In iTunes you would go to the store and use the

same phrase. This will get you directly to the app so that you can download it.

The app is free to download, and goes on your electronic device in no time. Once you’ve gotten the app

downloaded, you can peruse through the company’s many ebooks that they offer and can purchase one directly

through the app. Once the book is downloaded, users can turn the pages to read the ebook directly on their

electronic device. They can also do a number of other things that are very fun to play with and that can

actually be extremely helpful, such as being able to jump directly to any chapter that you’d like to jump

to, and being able to search for specific words and phrases in the ebook. Users can even make notes, which

would be ideal for students.

The application is easy to download, as are the books, and all of the extra capabilities that go along with

the 21 BlackStreet iPhone application truly makes it something extraordinary.

The new e-book app from 21 BlackStreet was designed to allow people who are constantly on the go to be able

to enjoy reading again. It’s no secret that the entire world is going crazy over the latest technology which

allows people to read books. Many of us have such busy lives that it’s almost impossible to sit down with a

paperback anymore. Being able to have instant access to any book we’d like to read on our electronic

equipment is one way that we can reconnect with the written word once again.

So what’s special about the app from 21 BlackStreet? First of all, it’s extremely easy to use. The

application itself is free to download, which is always a nice thing. Once it is downloaded, all I had to do

was to go to the main bookstore screen and I was able to select from a large number of books that 21

BlackStreet offers. Because 21 BlackStreet is a publisher of African American work, all of the e-books

offered through the application was e-books that were written by African Americans. I quickly found,

however, that this did not limit the amount of different types of books that I could download. There were

all sorts of different types of e-books, from romance to biographical and mystery – they were all there. So

the selection definitely got my vote of approval.

One of the problems that I’ve heard occurring for applications that are similar to this one, which allow

people to read e-books through their iPhone, is that the application itself doesn’t work well. It’s jerky

and isn’t very conducive to enjoyable reading. This was not the case with the app from 21 BlackStreet. Once

I had downloaded one of the books, I was able to select it on my screen, and then I had the option to read

the book, or to go to the contents screen. The contents screen shows the different chapters available to go

to, which is nice if you’re reading on the go. Instead of having to remember which page or screen you were

on, or having to flip through dozens, possibly hundreds of pages before you get to the page that you left

off on, you can simply jump to the chapter you want.

Another feature I particularly liked was the ability to enlarge the font. Not everyone has eagle eyes, and

it can be difficult to enjoy reading, especially if you’re on a bumpy cab or bus ride, or you’re being

jostled around in the subway. To make the font larger, you simply put your index finger and thumb together

on the screen, then pull them apart, while still touching the screen. This enlarged the font and made

reading much easier, even if I was being bumped around.

The ability to change the background color was fun, and could make it easier for some people to read the

font, but what really interested me was the search option. If you’ve ever had a favorite spot in a book, and

have spent half an hour (or more) trying to find it again, you’ll know why I enjoyed the search option so

much. I was able to simply type in a word or phrase, and the program immediately searched through the

content to show me where that word or phrase was in the e-book, allowing me to find the spot I wanted to

find in no time flat. And not only that, the program also allows you to make notes on the content, which, I

can imagine, would have many practical applications, especially for a high school or college student who is

working on a paper.

I was extremely impressed by the e-book application from 21 BlackStreet and hope that other publishing

houses take note of the features that the company has made available for all of its users, because they are

definitely extremely useful and make reading not only possible no matter how busy your schedule is, but fun


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Darren Dunner

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