2×2=4: Learn times table with pleasure

Multiplication tables. The very term may send shivers down your grade school student’s back, or send you right back to your third grade desk. Learning these tables can be time consuming and extremely involved. So a savvy parent (and his helpful son) developed the 2×2=4 iPhone app from Aplemakh Bros.

This educational tool adds a little excitement to dull times tables. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up the learning process for your child, pay close attention to our iPhone app review of 2×2=4.


The 2×2=4 iPhone app turns math practice into an epic pirate battle with fun animation and variable speeds.

The app supports multiplication and division practice. Your child can either study the included times tables or create a custom math challenge.

She will choose a type of problem, the range of numbers included (from 2 to 9), speed of the challenge, and even the answer input style from multiple choice or input.

During the game a rival pirate ship shoots at your mathlete ship. Complete problems quickly to fire at them. Sink their ship first to prevail.

There is also an extremely useful log of each match, so you can keep track of your child’s progress, and the level of difficulty they are working on.

The 2×2=4 iPhone app takes a simple concept, and a valid need, and creates a solid way to spice up boring learning. I’m keeping this app in mind for my kids when they’re a bit older.

Educational factor.

Anything that makes learning fun is worth a second glance. The extremely customizable testing experience makes the 2×2=4 iPhone app shine. Start out slow, with a few numbers, then expand to division and really challenge your child.

Sure, he’ll still be doing math problems, but an interactive battle sequence beats rattling off times tables any day.

I also like that the app includes the tables, and if your child struggles with a solution there is a way to momentarily stop the game, view the answer and get educational reinforcement on individual problems.

I wish the app included tables of basic division as well. Your child must have a solid grasp on the concept of multiplication for this app to help, so its range of appeal is rather small.

Layout and design.

Who doesn’t love pirates? The developer worked closely with their 9-year-old to create graphics that are fun and interesting. I love the idea behind the pirate battle and the cheering gruesome pirate emblem is an amusing touch.

I do wish the session set up was a little bit easier to understand. The app could use a help file to explain what each option button does, otherwise your child may waste time pushing them at random to see what they do.


Now available with iOS 5 support and a great new division mode.  Round out your math knowledge with the new latest version of 2x=4.

2x2=4 - Aplemakh Bros

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