31 TOUCHES, a unique eye-to-finger coordination test

Soonio Productions, the creators of the infamous DONKEY TEST, has announced the release of 31 TOUCHES and 31 TOUCHES PRO, its latest games for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The game has a variety of unique mini-games to test user’s reaction, eye-to-finger coordination, on-the-spot decision making skill. The game implements a host of modern iOS features such as OpenFeint powered leaderboards, Retina display optimised artwork and more.

31 TOUCHES is the third release from Soonio Productions, a London-based company that creates entertaining apps. “If you love challenges and enjoy breaking records, then 31 TOUCHES is definitely for you” says Dr. H.S. Gweon, the founder of Soonio Productions. “This game is so easy even a 10 year old can play yet it is challenging enough for a fully grown 31 year old! You will find yourself immersed in a frantic finger tapping spree as well as a period of intense anticipation.”

The free version, 31 TOUCHES, has 7 Stages with 21 stars to collect, while in the paid version, 31 TOUCHES PRO, there are 28 Stages with 84 stars, 28 diamonds and 28 crowns to collect. You can compare your scores with other users using in-built OpenFeint leaderboards. The PRO version is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the AppStore.

A new update for the game is already completed and will be available on the AppStore within a few weeks.

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

* iOS 3.0 or later

iTunes Link:

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