360 Browser: Feature-rich is an Understatement

If you are the type of person who likes features in your apps, you will absolutely fall in love with the 360 Browser from Digital Poke.  They say the 360 Browser has over 200 features.  We think that might be understated.  Maybe it’s called the 360 Browser because it has 360 features.  We wouldn’t be surprised.

We can’t even begin to describe all of the features of the 360 Browser.  We will try to fit in all of our favorite features. 

Here goes…in no particular order.

FireFox Sync.  Need we say more?  The 360 Browser will actually sync your mobile browsing experience with your 360 Browser review: IOS web browser with a ton of great featuresdesktop Firefox browser.  You need sign up for FireFox sync on your desktop and then copy your sync key (obtained during the sign-up process) into the 360 Browser.  Once you do that, your tabs, bookmarks and history are now in sync between your phone/iPad and your desktop.

The 360 Arcs are circular hierarchical menus which give you convenient access to dozens of frequently used features.  With a few touches you can enable and configure full screen mode, change the font size, search a page, enable the ad blocker, access the plugins/bookmarks/saved pages, and manipulate/navigate 360 Browser review: IOS web browser with a ton of great featurestabs.    You have one Arcs in the standard browser and two different feature-filled arcs.   We only wish that we could assign the arc features to our favorites.  Hint.  Hint.

Plugins and more plugins.  There are a total of 54 plugins which ship with the browser.  You get a few classics like Page Zipper (no more clicking through the ‘next’ link in all the “Top 10″ posts), Stumble Upon, Zoomify, and Air Print.   Want Readability?  It’s there.  Of course you want Twitter and Facebook sharing.  Again, no problem.  If you are a developer you might enjoy Firebug light, Validate HTML, and the ViewSource plugins.  It’s an incredible set of plugins and you can get more if you need them.  There will never be an end to the features you can get with 360 Browser.

Configurable Gestures allow you to really step up your productivity.   In the app’s massive settings panel you can control the results of such gestures as Two Finger Swipe Up/Down/Left/Right, Two/Three Finger tap, Shake gesture,  Drag Webpage down, and more.  It’s total customization.

Full download manager allows you to download any file.  An in-app browser, a built-in media player and Dropbox 360 Browser review: IOS web browser with a ton of great featuresintegration complete the file manager. 

All of this power, customization, and convenience does come at a price- the browser does take some getting used to.  It’s a little intimidating at first and it will take time  to discover all of the features.  Even after a few days we are still running into..”I wonder if it can do this”.  It usually does, but it takes a few minutes to find it.  This browser is not a direct replacement for Safari because you will still only be able to use Safari when clicking through links from emails and other apps.  Unfortunately Apple won’t let you change your default browser.  Bottom line:   If you want a simple browsing experience, stick with Safari.  But if you are a feature-junkie and you want to experience true mobile browsing, definitely give 360 Browser a try.  It will open your eyes to a new world of mobile browsing that you have never experienced.


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360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync - Digital Poke

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