3D Fireworks 2

Way back in November of last year I reviewed KDR Software’s original version of 3D Fireworks and it was pretty good! They’re back with this new version that incorporates a city skyline and a whole mess of settings to play with, one of the coolest being the ability to set the “auto-launch rate” which controls how often stuff explodes in the sky. You also get to choose what types of fireworks are shown and you can even throw in a UFO if multicolored explosions just aren’t enough for you.

3D Fireworks 2 is waaaayyy better than the first release but unfortunately it still doesn’t defer to iPod music so if you were hoping to sync the fireworks show to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture I guess you’re out of luck. Speaking of which, I think that would be a pretty cool feature for a future update! I don’t know how it would be executed since the fireworks need to be launched into the sky before they go boom, but a fireworks show set to music is always better than one that isn’t.

This app will probably lose some its luster after America’s July 4th holiday passes, but for $.99 it’s a deal (and apparently the price goes up after July 3rd) so you may as well get it while there’s plenty of luster to go around. For a quick tryout, you can play with the lite version online.

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