91 in 1 GameUtilities, an incredible iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application that includes 10 games and 81 utilities bundled within a single application

91 in 1 GameUtilities for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is being sold at a 50% discount for a limited period of time, giving users the incredible experience of ten games and eighty-one utilities for just $0.99.

The developers over at have created an incredible iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad application that bundles ten popular games plus eighty-one utilities that users will find useful in their everyday lives. It is very versatile, allowing users to play games, convert currency, calculate their BMI, use their device like a flashlight for emergencies and much more.

“The games and utilities that we provided within the application were carefully chosen after analyzing usage trends, ensuring that people find the majority of utilities and games within one app” discloses a team member from The capabilities of the application never cease to amaze users and users can be assured they will soon find themselves performing tasks with ease that they never thought would have been possible on their device.

The developers decided that a bundled software approach would be better since it would clutter up the device’s menu if the utilities were offered individually plus by offering a single all-in-one package the user gets better value for money. 91-in-1 GameUtilities is a clean and efficient way to access numerous features without having to fill up the devices main menu.

The application is available at the Apple application store for just $0.99 thanks to a limited period 50% discount that is currently being offered. What makes the application even more appealing is that the developers will be adding even more games and utilities, updates of which will be offered free to users that have purchased the application.

With popular games such as iTankster, Hungry Animals, Catch a Thief and utilities that make day-to-day tasks easy the 91-in-1 GameUtilities application is great value for your money. Any user that installs this application will soon find that it is an indispensible part of their lives, leaving them wondering how they ever functioned without it.

GameUtilities is on sale at $0.99 at the App Store and iTunes for more details log onto

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