A Pig’s Dream: Physics-based arcade supergame

A Pig’s Dream is a great new game from the XRayMob.  Take a few hot, unstoppable games, combine them into one and you’ll have an idea of what A Pig’s Dream is all about.  Imagine Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Enigmo all rolled into one- now you get the idea.

You are trying to get the big fat roly poly pig to free the very strange looking monkey by smashing the monkey’s glass cage.  OK, that’s strange but you’ll get over that soon when you are working your way through the challenging levels.

The challenges start off fairly simple in the first level (The Farm).  You remove correct wooden boxes which forces the pig to smash the glass cage.  It’s a simple matter of physics.  Easy enough, right.  You get 15 levels in The Farm which present progressively harder challenges.

The next level, The Beach, is no day at the beach (sorry, couldn’t resist).  This level introduces an accelerator which youA Pig's Dream review: Great iPhone Game can drag into position before the pig moves.  It really gets the pig moving so make sure it’s in the right spot.  You also have to battle through the crazy jumping dolphin so time your movements carefully.

Once you get through The Beach you get to test your skills on the Pirate Ship.  If the dolphin on The Beach didn’t drive you crazy, wait until you have to deal with the moving platforms and the killer spikes.  Ouch.

Did you survive the Pirate Ship?  In The City level, the puzzle continues.  Now the pig has to roll over the switches to open mechanical doors before he can get to A Pig's Dream: great iphone gamethe glass cage.  This is the level where the physics based game becomes a gyro-enabled arcade game.  Once the pig hits certain targets in The City he becomes a floating ping-pong Pig.  Very cool.

Finally, you get into Space.  Now the Pig gets to defy gravity and experience teleportation for the final 15 puzzles.

If that’s not enough, there is a bonus 3D level.  Dust off your 3D glasses and it really does look like the pig is floating in 3D space.

Overall, we really liked A Pig’s Dream and you will too.  The game is even integrated into Game Center.  See if you can beat us.  We’re not bragging at all…but we’re the number one score!

Check out the gameplay:

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Check out more about the game at the developer website:


A Pig's Dreams - XRay Soft.

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