A1 Ring Toss: win prizes with your iPhone

Carnival Ring Toss Game – With A Twist – Cash Prizes

A1 Ring TossTM is a new, exciting and groundbreaking entertainment game application for the iPhone with a unique contest mode where players compete to win real prizes. The application is available for download from the Applications menu on the iPhone, or

Players agreeing to participate in contests submit their high scores to win real prizes, such as products from sponsors, gift cards or cash.

A1 Ring TossTM is reminiscent of the old boardwalk, carnival, or arcade games where players have so much fun?  This is a game of skill that everyone is so familiar with but perhaps hasn’t played in years.  Now it has been adapted for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Now iPhone and iPod Touch users can re-live those times with prizes that are bigger and better than ever.

With A1 Ring TossTM players “toss” rings onto posts to collect points and prizes – all in fantastic 3D graphics.  It’s so easy to play.  Just a flick of a finger across the screen tosses the ring at the posts.  There is an exciting bonus round which lets players gain even more points.

Weekly and/or monthly contests are played and high scorers win actual prizes or even money!  Players can play unlimited number of games during the contest period to try to achieve the highest score.  Check out the website regularly for news, rules, and contest information.

Real Fun/Real Prizes!

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