Access Discogs™ with Discs

Discs grants you mobile access to Discogs™, one of the biggest user-generated record databases the Internet has to offer. Discs lets you quickly dig into detailed information for artists, releases, and labels in the way you would expect with an iPhone. Bookmark your entries for future reference, send them to email addresses, or open them directly in Safari. Bookmarked entries are also accessible when you are offline!

With Discs, you have the ultimate tool to track down records at your local record dealer or at a flea market abroad without an internet connection. As an added bonus, Discs will estimate the average Discogs™ marketplace value in euros, dollars, or pounds.

With Discs you can:

  • search for artists, releases, and labels
  • show detailed information for each entry, such as release date, label, sublabel, aliases, catalog number, etc.
  • estimate marketplace averages in various currencies
  • show associated information, such as a discography, credits, or label contact information
  • send single entries via email or open them directly in Safari
  • bookmark each entry for future reference, even when the device is offline (perfect for the iPod Touch!). Send all your bookmarks to an email address for convenient research.
  • access Discogs™ completely free without an account

Demo Video: YouTube

App Store Link: Discs in the App Store

Visit the Discs website:

Contact the developer: iphone (#at#)

*Marketplace values are considered nonbinding estimates.

Discogs is a trademark of Zink Media, Inc. Discs is not affiliated with or endorsed by Zink Media, Inc. All images are copyright of their respective owners. Further entry data from the Discogs database is licensed in the public domain.

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