Affinion Security Center Launches iDataFrog Identity Theft Monitoring App

iDataFrog is the first of its kind identity theft protection app. Utilizing a proprietary worldwide fraud monitoring system, iDataFrog continuously observes the global, cyber underground for the presence of your Social Security Number, credit and debit card numbers.

Should iDataFrog discover any of your monitored data online, you’ll be alerted and given personalized support in re-securing your information. Alerts are provided via email and denoted by a warning icon next to the affected cards within the iDataFrog app. Should you receive an email alert, use the phone number in your message to receive personalized assistance in re-securing your compromised information.

The following video will give you a feel for the interface and how the app operates.

Here is the link to the iDataFrog page in the ITunes store –

How to use iDataFrog:
1. Enter your information
2. Enter up to 5 credit/debit card numbers
3. Enter your social security number
4. To edit/change information click edit
5. Sit back, relax and let iDataFrog scan the world for fraud

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