Agent X – iPhone App to have fun while improving your concentration!

As far as games go, this one serves a purpose. Do you wonder if you left the stove on at home? Have you met someone and tried to recall what they were wearing just a few minutes later and not been able to? Do you remember what was on the table you just looked at?

Some people are better at remembering their surroundings and images. This is only because how we have been conditioned to consider only certain things as important and our mind discards the rest as unimportant and routine. This game will brush up your observation and memory skills.

Try it now. It’s free! It’s fun! And it will be a great workout for the brain!


You have been accepted into the world’s most elite spy program – The Agent X.

To qualify for field duty, you must prove yourself. The first part of the training is the ability to remember all the details about your environment and doing this as quickly as possible since time is of the essence.

You will be presented with a picture and will have a certain amount of time to memorize it. You will then be presented with a question testing your ability to remember the details about the picture you just saw.

Agent X

* Free ad-supported version
* Over 300 questions
* Great way to build up your observation skills
* Good test of memory
* Improve your concentration
Download it now from itms://

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