Air Mouse Pro

Air Mouse Pro is an impressive app that turns your iPhone into a mouse or touchpad. So far I have found it useful enough that I sometimes find myself using the Air Mouse rather than my computer mouse even when sitting at my desk. I would not go so far as to throw out my mouse and only use my iPod Touch to control my computer, but it is definitely very useful.

The Air Mouse uses a server program that must be installed on your computer. Once I had the app downloaded and the server installed, I was able to use the Air Mouse immediately. I did have to give the OK for the server to work through the firewall. Looking through the customer reviews on iTunes, I did notice that some people had trouble getting the app to work. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that most of these had trouble due to firewall issues. Unfortunately I cannot test the app in all conditions, so I can only say that it worked brilliantly for me.

There are two options for control. Most people are already familiar with the touchpad control, which is the same as you find on most laptop computers. The accelerometer control is certainly more innovative but a bit more difficult to use. By twisting and tilting the iPhone you can control the cursor. Although I found that the accelerometer control was well-designed and pretty easy to use, I still prefer touchpad control.

The server application allows for extensive customization of controls and buttons. Both the touchpad and accelerometer controls can be customized for any preference. The controls for several of the more common web and media players are pre-loaded into the server program, but the buttons can be customized to work with any program you use. The are also four buttons that can be customized to open applications or perform any function you want.

There are some helpful features as well that improve function for the Air Mouse. The touchpad starts at half the screen, but can be changed to full screen or landscape easily. Using the keyboard is simple since the words appear briefly on the iPhone screen so you can catch typos. This makes it easy to type even when your computer screen is not in sight.

While most users won’t really find that the Air Mouse is an essential app, I think almost anyone can find it useful. Those who use their computer for presentations or who have a media center computer will probably get the most use out of the app, but even standard desktop and laptop users like myself can get their money’s worth.

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