AirFight is a dogfight simulator for the iPhone with accelerometer controls and realistic effects. Challenge your friends in Multiplayer mode or take on a team of enemies by yourself in Single Player.

I’ll start right off admitting that this game is difficult at best. I’ve always been a fan of Flight Simulators, so it was a welcome challenge being handed AirFight for review. The application immediately sets you in the action of a dogfight, head-to-head against a crack team of fighter pilots (depending on your difficulty). The settings range from Easy to Hard, but even Easy can be difficult due to the controls.

The controls are quite basic when set to Arcade, and obviously complex when in Advanced Mode. Keeping behind the other planes is where the real difficulty lies, and shooting them down is even harder. You can lock on to the enemies and fire missiles, but oftentimes they’ll simply pull an evasive maneuver and you’ll be at the same game all over again. The tutorials tell you enough to get you started, but the lack of hands-on learning means that you’ll be fumbling for the first few goes-around just to get your feet wet.

Not to really whine too much about it at all — it’s a magnificent foray into the flight simulation field. The accelerometer functionality is well-executed, and bullets and missiles are fired using small buttons in the bottom-right corner. Velocity can be controlled with the right-hand wheel, and your altitude is monitored on the right.

Multiplayer is invigorating, albeit difficult to assemble. You probably aren’t going to just find random users on a network as it requires being on the same WiFi as someone else. Fights are going to have to be organized.

Pros: Fast-paced, well-designed, decent graphics

Cons: Tutorials lacking, no in-game option for personal music,

Bottom Line: All in all, the game is fresh, exciting and expensive. Definitely a good grab for anyone with some time and money on their hands. With a variety of options, this game is engrossing and fun.

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