Algebra Explained: NOT your average algebra app

The Algebra Explained series by is a dynamic app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that teaches Algebra using ENTERTAINING VIDEO LESSONS, study cards and practice problems. Expertly designed by a former math teacher with a Masters in Curriculum and Development, Algebra Explained connects abstract concepts to relevant real-world topics.

The creative and often humorous lessons are taught by the enthusiastic Jamie with assistance from her sidekick, Carter. These colorful lessons will fit interesting learning and efficient practice into any busy schedule. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring when you can receive excellent instruction at your convenience, for an exceptional price. With Algebra Explained you can have your tutor with you at all times.

The Algebra Explained full version includes the following features:
• High-quality video instruction for each lesson
• 10 thoughtfully created and sequenced practice problems per lesson
• Study cards for key facts with the ability to edit, create or delete study cards
• Email your study cards to yourself or a friend
• Electronic scratch paper
• Electronic graph paper
• Calculator
• Quizzes and a test
• Problems & lessons that emphasize personal finance
• History of practice sessions
• Souvenir diploma for graduates
• **Add additional learners for free**
• Password protected login as desired
• Reporting to track progress by learner, lesson or date

Chapter 1 covers the following concepts:
• Introduction to exponents
• The order of operations
• Review of fractions
• Evaluating algebraic expressions
• Euler’s Number, “e”

Chapter 1 includes connections to the following real-world topics:
• Basketball
• Interest
• Investing
• Credit cards
• Heart rate
• Pie… lots and lots of pie
• The lottery
• Present value of money

Algebra Explained is also an excellent review of Algebra for college placement exams or for adults returning to school.

Not sure if your child is ready for Algebra? Use this series to see if they can take the leap to the next level.

Got a test on Monday? See if Algebra Explained can save the day!

See why users are saying “Awesome”, “Terrific”, “I love it”, …..

Each chapter in the series is sold separately.
Algebra Explained c. 1 Order of Operations -

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