AlphaBubbles Multilingual: a new twist on a foreign language app for kids

AlphaBubbles Multilingual™ is an engaging and entertaining way to learn the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes in 10 different languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, and Hindi.

Everyone knows that exposure to foreign language at a young age helps children build listening and memory skills, critical to early childhood development. Most foreign language apps for kids use a flash card approach for the child to see the picture and learn the name of the picture spoken. Alternatively, AlphaBubbles sneaks in the learning while the user is enjoying popping bubbles.

Also, AlphaBubbles Multilingual is unique in the app market because it supports 10 languages. Little ones get the benefit of exposure to 10 different language sounds at a young age, while bigger people can really impress their friends with their knowledge of the numbers 1 – 10 in a variety of languages! Because AlphaBubbles only tackles the alphabet, numbers shapes, and colors, the learning is not overwhelming.

Designed for three-year-olds to 93-year-olds, AlphaBubbles Multilingual™ starts with the basics of each language. When the user pops a bubble, its contents fall down the screen as the user hears its name spoken in the chosen language. Empty bubbles pop with a playful popping noise. The app also features a “Test Your Knowledge” game for players who are ready to move past the “Basic Skills” game.

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AlphaBubbles™ was designed by Kids Learning Language Media, a partnership of Brian and Ann-Tyler Konradi, parents of three kids living in Moscow, Russia.

“We felt there was a real need for a game to make learning a second language more fun,” Ann-Tyler said. “Just like most kids, our girls all love playing with bubbles, so we thought it would be entertaining to take the concept of popping bubbles and create an interactive, educational application that helps kids learn.”

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