AmpliTube for iPhone: Portable guitar effects system

Your Guitar Tone On Your iPhone:
AmpliTube® for iPhone Now Available

Together with the iRig adapter turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into the ultimate portable guitar and bass multi-effects

June 2010, Modena, Italy – IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that AmpliTube® for iPhone, the ultimate mobile guitar amp and effects system for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, is now available for
download from the iTunes App Store.

Together with the iRig interface adapter this represents the first complete solution for guitar and
bass players to play, practice, and have fun anytime and everywhere rocking through their iPhone.
The combination of AmpliTube mobile app and iRig accessory adapter is called AmpliTube® iRig™, the
cutting edge system for the portable guitar and bass multi-effects of the future.
AmpliTube for iPhone At the core of the AmpliTube iRig is AmpliTube for iPhone, developed by IK Multimedia, the leader in gear modeling for professional studios, to get the most accurate tone from your iPhone. AmpliTube for iPhone gives you incredible, ultrarealistic sound and functionality in a convenient mobile app with 3 simultaneous stompbox effects, an amp-head plus cabinet and a microphone, offering more power than traditional pocket-size guitar effect processors!
With AmpliTube for iPhone fully loaded, you will be able to choose between 5 amp models
(clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass) with full tone and drive controls, 11 stompbox effects
(delay, flanger, phaser, overdrive, distortion, filter, wah, fuzz, octaver, chorus, noise filter),
5 speaker cabinets (1×12”, 2×12”, 4×12” A & B”, 1×15) and 2 microphones (dynamic and
condenser). Plus, AmpliTube for iPhone features a chromatic digital tuner and a metronome.
You can also import and play along with songs or backing tracks, and create, save and recall
up to 36 presets on the fly.
- Real time guitar and bass mobile multi-FX app
- Full rig made from 3 simultaneous stompboxes + amp + cabinet + mic
- 10 Stomps, 5 Amps, 5 Cabinets, 2 Mics available
- Import and play along with songs and backing tracks with real time effects
- 36 presets can be saved/recalled on the fly
- Includes tuner/metronome
- Free, LE and Full versions available
- Free and LE versions expandable with a-la-carte downloadable gear

iRig Plug Interface Adapter
The iRig interface adapter is the easiest way to get your instrument’s signal into your mobile
device with electrical impedance adapting – this is essential for achieving the best guitar
tone. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug
headphones or an amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock with no further set-up
needed. Plus, you can also use the iRig with line level signal sources such as synthesizers,
keyboards or mixers. And not only does the iRig work perfectly with AmpliTube, but it is also
the perfect companion to any other guitar or other instrument recording, processing or
tuning app that uses an audio input.
Pricing and availability
AmpliTube for iPhone is now available from the iTunes App store in 3 versions:

AmpliTube Free: 3 stompboxes, 1 amp+cabinet, 2 microphones

AmpliTube LE: 5 stompboxes, 1 amplifier + cabinet, 2 microphones – $2.99/€2.39

AmpliTube: 11 stompboxes, 5 amps + cabinets, 2 microphones – $19.99/€15.99

More gear can be added to FREE and LE versions through in-app purchase of a-la-carte
models with stompboxes costing $2.99/€2.39 each and amplifiers + cabinets for $4.99/€3.99
Pre-orders for the iRig interface adapter are already available through IK Selected Dealers
and from the IK online Store for $39.99/€29.99 MSRP (excluding taxes). iRig will start
shipping worldwide the first week of July, 2010.
For more information and video demos, please visit:

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