An iPhone 3.0 software wish list

The iPhone is getting updated.

(Credit: Corinne Schulze/CNET)

Update: We now know the details of iPhone 3.0. Happily, it includes many of the features listed here. Check out the iPhone 3.0 details and read the live blog of the event.

As iPhone owners await Tuesday’s announcement of the iPhone 3.0 software, the Web is abuzz with speculation about what new features the update will bring. Of course, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass without chiming in as well.

Ever since the first iPhone was born more than two years ago, and following the introduction of the iPhone 3G last summer, we’ve made no secret that the iPhone lacks many features we think it should have. We’ve blogged a few times detailing our complaints, but here you can find a full list in no particular order.

We’ve also browsed through your blog comments and e-mails to see the features that you hope to see. And please feel free to add anything that we’ve missed.

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