Angry Mosquito game for iPhone

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★WARNING★ This is not a mosquito killer training program.

Do NOT try this on real mosquitoes.

Angry Mosquito is a social adventure game. Introducing game-play with a new dimension.

The basics:
It plays a mosquito sound in the background, while simultaneously sampling the mic input for a ‘clap’ sound.

Smack your friend.
The mosquito sound will stop the moment you hit him (assuming you don’t hit like a little girl).
How’s that for an Alibi?

This is your chance to make a difference!
Ok well, not quite.
But this is definitely your chance to have some honest fun. The oldest prank in the book, at last, backed up with the perfect alibi.

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◊ 3 unique levels
Improve yourself, be a NiNJA.
Light Weight Master NiNJA levels.
Use it wisely. Set according to the background noise, and your experience and talent.

◊ Smack Meter
Your smack power Intensity is measured and displayed through our advanced algorithms.
Improve yourself, practice makes perfect

◊ Camera Mode
According to many user requests, photo alibi documentation has been added!
This will make your prank live on forever

◊ Share
Share your documented pictures and smack meter results via Facebook, Twitter and email. supporting both secret and camera modes.

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