Animal Coins Golf: A Side Bet Game for Golfers

Touch Golf Designs Releases Animal Coins Golf for Iphone/Ipod Touch

Golfing Side Bet Game App Now Available in Apple’s App Store

Vancouver, BC – July 19, 2011 – Touch Golf Designs today announced that their first app, Animal Coins Golf, is now available exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Animal Coins Golf is an app that tracks and automatically calculates the payout for a fun side bet game played during a round of golf.

In Animal Coins Golf, the user sets up the side game by identifying the coins to represent certain shots, such as hitting in the water, and the value for the coins. With an intuitive and simple interface you assign the coins during the round of golf in the app. Animal Coins Golf then tracks and automatically calculates the payout for each player. ìThe app does all the work for you, no more messy scorecards and no more confusion when figuring out the final amounts,î said Gary McKay, co-founder of Touch Golf Designs.

The app was designed with golfers in mind and is easy to use on the course,î said Gary McKay. At any point during a round, you can go back to previous holes and see how the coins moved around and also review the final results after the round. The side bet fits everyones game with 11 different coins to choose from,î said Gary. ìWhat I like most is the ease for figuring out the payouts. A simple tap shows exactly who that person owes or hopefully, how much they have gained.

Animal Coins Golf is now available for $1.99 in the US and Canada and priced accordingly in other regions. Animal Coins Golf is available world-wide from The App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, or by visiting:

Please visit for more Animal Coins Golf information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

Touch Golf Designs, an independent app studio based out of British Columbia, Canada, was formed in 2011 by Gary McKay and Jorge Freitas for the purpose of making golfing side bets even more fun.


If you would like further information on Animal Coins Golf please contact:

Gary McKay, Co-Founder, Touch Golf Designs
Phone: 604-417-7598

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