Animal Sounds: let’s your children discover the Animal Kingdom

Oak Multimedia is a young enterprise specialized in {creating|developing} high {high quality|high high quality|top high quality|good high quality} apps for iPhone and iPad. We also support {small|little|tiny|modest} {organizations|businesses|companies|firms} in {creating|making|developing|producing} (mobile) {sites|web websites|websites|internet websites} that are optimized to {produce|create|generate} {traffic|visitors} from {possible|potential|prospective} {buyers|clients|consumers|customers}.

Let your {kids|children|youngsters|young kids} discover the cute animals of Animal Sounds. In a playfull and educational way your {kids|children|youngsters|young kids} will be {learning|studying|understanding} to recognize the {various|different|diverse|distinct} sounds of the animal kingdom. The {very first|initial|very very first|1st} version of the app consists of nine animals which are {designed|created|developed} with {wonderful|fantastic|excellent|great} care.

The use of recognizing and matching colours {helps|assists} the {kids|children|youngsters|young kids} discover the world in a {lovely|stunning|gorgeous|beautiful} {experience|expertise|encounter}. The app will {feel|really feel} natural so your {kids|children|youngsters|young kids} will {simply|effortlessly|easily|quickly} {locate|discover|find|uncover} their way {via|through|by means of|by way of} the {various|different|diverse|distinct} screens.

Animal Sounds also {presents|provides|delivers|offers} a {little|small} quiz in which the {understanding|information|knowledge} of the sounds can be tested. {Following|After|Right after|Soon after} hearing a sound the {correct|right} animal {requirements|needs|wants} to be selected. The result will be displayed on the screen.

%u2022 Beautifull graphics
%u2022 Nine cute cartoonish animals
%u2022 Shaking the phone gives you the {capacity|capcapacity|ability} to play the sounds
%u2022 Swipe your screen to go the next/previous animal
%u2022 Realistic animalsounds
%u2022 Quiz to test your {understanding|information|knowledge}
%u2022 Support retina display
%u2022 iPad version coming soon

Animals in this app:
%u2022 Cow
%u2022 Elephant
%u2022 Cat
%u2022 Dog
%u2022 Frog
%u2022 Pig
%u2022 Lion
%u2022 Sheep
%u2022 Horse

{By means of|Via|Through|By way of} the {internet site|web site|site|website} of Oak Multimedia users can vote which animals {need to|ought to|should|really need to} be added in a next version of Animal Sounds.

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