Animated Glow Doodle – I am sure it Will thrill you

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comDo you like drawing?, Do you like glow and flame effects?. How about animated Glow and flame effects?. Yes This application lets you to draw with “animated Glow” and “animated Flame” effects. I am sure there is no other application in the app-store with this ability. Please visit to find-out more details and some more screen shots about this application.

I am sure you should be thinking how this application is different from other regular doodle application?, the below points will definitely convince you that it is better than any other doodle application in the app-store.

1. Fantastic Animated Glow and Animated Flames effects – I am sure there is no doodle app with this feature, all are regular glow doodle apps
2. Tons of colors. Almost all of the doodle apps are not able to provide much colors, but this app lets the users to create their own RGB Colors Along with 60+ predefined colors.
3. Ability to change the brush size – I am sure not all doodle applications are providing this feature
4. Ability to change the background – This also very rare in other doodle applications
5. Ability to email from the application.- this is also rare in other doodle applications.
6. Lot more….

Ok enough comparison with other application, i think you are ready to hear about the key features of this application. Below are some of the key features of this application.

1. Fantastic Animated Glow and fire effects.

2. Glow?, Fed up with regular glow drawing apps? How about realistic animated glow effect?.This application lets you to draw with animated glow effect.

3. Colors?, How many colors you want?. How about creating your own RGB colors along with 60+ predefined colors?. You can create your own RGB color by using “Create Color” option.

4. Brush size, How about selecting your desired brush size?, This application lets you to select your desired brush size.

5. You can Clear the drawing by using “Clear” option.

6. You can undo the drawing by using undo option.

7. Background?, How about selecting any photo from your photo album along with default black background.

8. Save drawing to photo album or send as email

9. Email drawing from the application

10. Intelligent Auto hiding toolbar.

I think by now you are convinced that this app is better than any other doodle apps, This application lets you to draw the drawing by using animated glow and/or flame effects. By default it uses the red color for the brush, If you want to change the color either you Select the color that you want to use by using color icon on the toolbar or select “color icon”->”create color” option to use your own RGB color. By default brush size is configured to 3, it can be changed by using “More”->”Adjust Brush” option.

Once you draw the drawing, applying the glow or flame effect is very easy, just press “Glow” or “Flame” button on the toolbar to apply Glow or flame effects to your drawing. Drawings that you make using this application can be saved to photo album by using “Save” option, same can be sent as an email by using “more”->”Email drawing” option.

Oops!!!!!! i forgot to let you know most important feature, you can change the drawing background or drawing board to any of the photos from your photo album by using “More”->”Background” option.

Use “Clear” option to clear the drawing, use undo option to undo the parts of the drawing till the last glow/flame effect is applied.

Ok Enough talking now i should you guys try this application below are some free promocodes to try this application. Please feel free to contact me at dsreddytech@gmail for more promocode.

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