Annihilation Undead, an ultra-gory indie zombie shooter for iPhone (Free Promo Codes)

Chapter 2 of Annihilation Undead, the iPhone’s goriest twin-stick shooter, is available now on the App Store.

The latest update adds two new game modes, Scavenge and Frenzy, and a new high-tech weapon, the Laser Rifle.
Now the monster massacre is more frantic than ever!

Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, players are tasked with surviving a horde of ghoulish monstrosities. Luckily they have an impressive arsenal of weaponry at their disposal – from samurai swords and lawnmowers to flamethrowers and grenade launchers, there’s a deadly weapon for every enemy.

Slaughter your way through masses of decaying zombies, hideous mutants, and even undead pigs. Use more than 20 unique weapons, from a home-made sawblade launcher to a futuristic plasma gun. Hack off heads, arms, even entire bodies, as you cover the level in zombie blood!

Scavenge mode changes the way the game is played – as the name implies, players now collect weapons from around the level, instead of being given them in a steady progression.
The second new mode, Frenzy, presents the player with a series of timed challenges to slaughter as many enemies with a given weapon before the time runs out.

Annihilation Undead features online highscores and achievements, courtesy of OpenFeint. Compare your skills against your friends, and earn your bragging rights as you compete to become the top survivor!

Chapter 2 is available now for $1.99US on the App Store, with more updates on the way.

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About Stargazer Studios

Stargazer are a small indie game development group based out of Auckland, New Zealand. A small group passionate gamers, our goal is to create satisfyingly fun games. Our first game, Annihilation Undead for iPhone and iPod Touch, is available now on the App Store.

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David Walton, Technomancer
Stargazer Studios Ltd

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