Announcing MultiMeasure iPhone/iPad application

Create measurements in a zippy and take them with you on your iDevice. No more forgetting measurements, or losing a piece of paper having your measurements. Never have to worry about taking measurements of unreachable areas, or really large measurements.

Use it for work, use it for home use or simply for fun.

MultiMeasure is a reference based photo measurement application. It allows iPhone and iPad users to create a blue print of reasonably accurate measurements using photos on the device, by providing one reference measurement.

The Blue Print then can be shared with others or saved for future use.

To measure, simply start swiping your finger across a chosen (or taken) photo. Three simple steps:

1) Mark a reference object, and provide reference length.

2) Mark all other measurements.

3) Move, Adjust for better accuracy. And flip to preview mode for sharing options.

Use ‘Adjust’ mode for focusing on specific area within photo.

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