Announcing Multitouch Whiteboard – Revolutionary whiteboard for iPad

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Mexico City, Mexico – Shifting Mind announced Multitouch Whiteboard today, a revolutionary whiteboard app at the reach of your hands. With Multitouch Whiteboard you can do anything from just doodling mindlessly to elaborate brain storming. Multitouch Whiteboard lets you draw with up to 10 fingers and has convenient tools for drawing rectangles, ellipses or writing text. Store up to 9 different whiteboards and customize the markers for your convenience.
Feature Highlights:
- Draw with all your fingers at the same time!
- Store up to 9 different whiteboards.
- 5 customizable markers with optional transparency.
- Custom background picture or color.
- Undo and redo.
- Write text on your whiteboards.
- Draw rectangles and ellipses.
- Save your whiteboards to your pictures.
- Annotate your photos.
System Requirements:
- Any iPad
Pricing and Availability:
Multitouch Whiteboard 1.0 is priced at a low introductory price of 99 cents, and is available exclusively on the Apple iTunes App Store.
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About Shifting Mind:
Based in Mexico City, Shifting Mind was founded in 2009 to create fun and inexpensive experiences the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Our primary mission is to provide quality applications at the right price, with a detail-oriented development process. Shifting Mind’s has released two games so far: Space Snake ( and Amazed 3D ( both of which have been acclaimed by customers.

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