Another day spent yelling at Bluehost

If you’ve had problems getting to this site over the past couple of hours it’s because Bluehost had a server problem which they supposedly fixed, then they suspended my account because it was using too many resources, and their only response was “fix it”. Several support techs I spoke with, plus the assholes in their Abuse department, took the stance that it wasn’t their job to “babysit” my website.

I finally talked to a guy in support who took 2 minutes to look at my directories and he said that a file had been hacked. I overwrote the file with a backup and the problem was fixed immediately.

It’s true that this website is my responsibility and not theirs, but their utter refusal to even attempt to provide support… which is what tech support is supposed to do, right?… just astonishes me.

I’ve said this before and now I’m saying it again: STAY AWAY FROM BLUEHOST. A handful of their people take their jobs seriously, but most couldn’t care less.

By the end of this month, iPhone App Reviews will be on a dedicated server at which will be a huge relief.

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