App Sale: iEggs

iEggs feels like it’s somehow related to Easter because there are eggs in it, but it’s really not… it’s still mildly amusing, though! The object is to jump eggs upward to a nest by way of tray-toting birds who fly back and forth.

You get 10 eggs, and if you miss a tray as you tap your way up, your egg will probably drop into the water below and it’s on to the next one. Sometimes you get lucky and a passing bird will catch it, thereby giving you a second chance, but the birds don’t give a crap if you make it to the global scoreboard so you just gotta get lucky.

iEggs is well-produced and has nice sound and graphics. Permeative Technologies normally charges $3.99 for it and their “Easter Sale” will probably be ending soon, so grab it for free while you can!

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