Aircraft Recognition Quiz: A must have application on your iPhone
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Test your aircraft knowledge with “Aircraft Recognition Quiz”, an aircraft recognition game that will challenge you to identify over 500 aircraft and helicopters. This game is a must for all aircraft lovers! You will learn to recognize the most common helicopters, fighters, bombers and other aircraft of all eras, from WWI to Actual Time and beyond!.

Enjoy and compete with your friends, since you can share your scores on Facebook, Twitter or email
Compare with others using the Leaderboards and thirty six Achievements that work with or without Game Center.

Take the Quiz, explore the aircraft organized by eras with their blueprints, photos, and links to additional information.
Test your recognition skills in three game modes with varying difficulties:
1) Normal mode, where you are presented with three blueprint views of the aircraft (front, side, bottom) and have 50% and picture wildcards.
2) Picture mode, where you are presented with a picture of the aircraft and have a 50% wildcard.
3) Difficult mode, where you are presented with a random view blueprint and have no wildcards.

The goal is simple, you start with five aircraft and unlock five new ones each time you complete a level.
You must correctly identity all five aircraft in the level to move on to the next.
Three strikes and you are out. You can use two wildcards, see the photo of the aircraft or eliminate two of the four possible answers.
Once you unlock aircraft, you get a lot of extra information and pictures if you have an Internet connection.

If you want even more, you can get extra aircraft in the store!
If you like aircraft this game is for you!

* Universal iOS and Android versions (including a Kindle Fire version!)
* Leaderboards and Achievements
* Support for different languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian
* Facebook and Twitter integration
* Store to get more aircraft using in-app purchase.

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