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Camera Plus is the ultimate application to maximize the iPhone’s camera potential, helping to replace our cameras and it’s now AVAILABLE FOR THE iWatch!

Although our phones’s cameras keep being upgraded to better versions of their past selves with higher resolutions and faster shutter speeds, the features accompanying the cameras are due for a matching upgrade. Even the least photographically talented among us occasionally need more out of our cameras than they provide.

Camera Plus adds functionality to your camera well worth the cost. Of course you still have the basic functions you’re used to like flash and zoom but this application allows you to expand upon these features and access totally new ones which, if you’re like me, you couldn’t have even dreamt of. Everybody can turn the flash on and off but with Camera Plus you can use the flash as a bulb, leaving it on all the time to allow for better lit pictures.

Among the other features in Camera Plus are the different levels of zoom, making for better pictures both up close and at far distances. You can also set timers, take pictures in bursts, record videos, display a level to make sure your pictures are square, and stabilize the image. However these are fairly basic and Camera Plus can offer so much more!

This photography application can even access your volume buttons and use them to take the picture instead of tapping the screen! Through using the app I realized that even though I didn’t know I needed this feature it’s now a very lovely way to take pictures because it allows you to hold the phone with both hands rather than one hand which leads to clearer pictures.

If this isn’t quite your style, there is also the Big Button feature which turns the whole screen into a shutter release button leaving you again free to hold your phone with both hands and come out with better pictures.

This application is significantly worth the small price to ensure higher quality pictures for your mobile life because at the end of the day pictures are memories and I believe it was well worth the cost to ensure crystal clear well-lit memories.


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