Connect 6: A New two-player board game similar to Gomoku or Renju.
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Connect6 is a two-player board game similar to Go-Moku or Renju. But it’s far more complex, interesting and fair.
~It has many features to have the potential to become popular as a new board game.~

~~~ Rule ~~~

• Black puts the first black stone on the Go-like board.

• Then, White and Black alternately place •TWO• of their own stones on empty intersections of the board in each turn.
So the stones’ sequence looks like: “B, W W, B B, W W, B B, …”. (B:black, W:white)

• The one who gets •SIX• or more stones in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) first wins the game.

~~~ 3 Important Features ~~~

1. Easy Rule:
Rule is similar to the traditional game of Go-Moku (5-in-a-row) or Renju.

2. Fairness:
Connect6 games are INTUITIVELY FAIR, in the sense that each player always has •ONE •MORE •STONE than the other after making each move.

**Fairness** might be the most identified and interesting feature of Connect6, it makes Connect6:
• NO advantage of the initiative(first move), not like most of other board games. So there is no need to impose some extra rules like Renju.
• The game board can be infinity.

3. Complexity:
Because each move has two stones to set, it makes Connect6 more complex then Gomoku.
The State-space and game-tree complexities for it are much higher than in Gomoku or Renju. And are even similar to that in Go and Chess.

~~~ Game Features ~~~


@@ Single Game @@

• 3 difficulty levels game against Computer.
• 3 size of game board. (11×11, 15×15, 19×19)
• Undo & Hint functions help you learn more.
• Auto save playing game records and archive the finished ones with a screenshot for review. Records can be replayed.

@@ VS Game @@

• Play with friend on a single iPhone device.

@@ Online Game @@

• Play game on Apple’s GameCenter server with your friends or auto-match one wherever they are.
• Save your scores on GameCenter.

@@ Puzzles @@

• 5 difficulty levels.
• 150 interesting puzzle games.

@@ Others @@

• Support iPhone4 Retina display.
• Colorful combination lines help player not miss any chance of attack or defense!
• No need to worry about the size of iPhone screen, the smart board will auto scroll or zoom for suitable display!
• Smooth animations make it perform just like playing on a real board!
• Magnifier.
• Tips, and tutorial.

~~~ History ~~~

- Professor I-Chen Wu presented Connect6 in the 11th Advances in Computer Games Conference (ACG’11).
- Connect6 entry has been put in Wikipedia:

- Connect6 became a tournament item of Computer Olympiad.
- The First Annual NCTU Cup Connect6 Open Tournament was held in Hsinchu.

- Taiwan Connect6 Association (TC6A) has officially formed and approved by Taiwan government.
- The first Russian Connect6 championship was held.