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iFile Browser & Download Manager is a great way to keep your documents straight and maintain productivity while on the go.

Editing documents on mobile devices is often too small and finicky to be productive but iFile Browser solves that issue and many more allowing mobile users to be just as productive as they would be at their desktop. The main thing that separates this application from others of the same kind is how easy to use it is without losing any of the functionality found in other applications.

One aspect of the usability of the app is how big the text and icons are, allowing for easy mobile use. Many other applications that try to do the same thing just can’t because they are so tiny and cramped that it’s impossible to actually use on your iPhone or iPad. However, iFile Browser avoids this pitfall by making the buttons, icons, and text all big enough to be easily read and used without being so big that they take up too much screen space.

Another handy feature of the application is how many file types it supports, including MP3 and JPG files in addition to the more standard files like word documents or excel spreadsheets. However, this application goes above and beyond file types, giving you the ability to zip and unzip files, create folders, and even convert files to PDFs!!

The interaction that iFile Browser has with the outside world is another thing that helps set it apart. It allows for cloud integration, meaning you can edit and save files on the cloud allowing for mobile collaboration. iFile Browser links with Dropbox, which lets you import, edit, and export files to and from Dropbox quickly and easily. It’s just as if you were sitting down at your desktop but instead you are on your favorite mobile device being productive on the go.

Easily worth the download, iFile Browser is a great way to keep from losing productivity when you are away from your desktop. I recommend this app for anyone who needs to get work done away from a desktop or just wants to be able to keep tabs on their files from anywhere.

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