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Invasion: Online War Game is a thrilling online war simulation and real-time battle strategy game.

What really makes Invasion special is you can ally with your friends and wage clan wars rather than just competing alone. The social aspect is really an incredible experience that adds a lot to this incredibly exciting game. You can join a plethora of guilds and chat with the members for a fun way to make friends with common interests. However the social aspect goes beyond just chatting with other players.

You can request for help from guild members or offer to assis tother members in your guild or even join forces to conquer the world in a Guild War!! This takes the game to the next level in my opinion because it’s not just you on your phone fighting a computerized enemy. It’s you joining forces with real players from all over the globe to try and take over the world. Although the game is very fun by itself, the existence of the Guild gameplay is an awesome feature.

There’s plenty to do and at first it can seem overwhelming but once you get the hang of the game it’s really quite simple and immensely enjoyable. The missions help to get you started and keep you going with constant achievements and rewards to strive for.

There are several varieties of missions earning you experience, money, energy, bust most of all, lots of fun! Base missions provide opportunity for you to improve your base and resources with the lure of bonus experience. Daily missions take a certain amount of time but once you start them and the allotted time eventually runs out (usually three to ten minutes) you can collect your reward, which can include resources or experience. Guild missions work the same way as daily missions although they have different resources and coins as rewards. The log missions function as objectives for you to achieve through gameplay that award you rewards in the form of resources.

What I like to do is start a Daily and a Guild mission so that they can progress through their timers while I work on either playing or achieving Log Missions needed to get the type of resources that I currently need the most.

Invasion is an awesome game to play by yourself or with a guild as it has plenty for you to do and accomplish. It’s great to see your base grow as you progress through the game and it just gets more and more fun as you go along. We highly recommend this game for anyone that likes war or battle games as it’s pretty easy to get the hang of the game and it’s a ton of fun.

Invasion is also available on Google Play.


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