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The main objective in Jellboy is reaching the destination without touching the obstacles. Most of the obstacles have coins to pick up, which can be spent to buy new items like bombs. Player can either shape Jellboy to allow him to pass through the hole on obstacle or bypass the obstacle by destroying it with a bomb. Some obstacles also have alternative ways to bypass. For example, when faced with a castle gate, the drawbridge can be lowered by reaching and activating the lever or when faced with a locked door, it can be opened by carrying the key without dropping, then placing it correctly into the padlock. Player has to change the shape of Jellboy to achieve them all and more.


Key Features

•Unique gameplay based on shaping a play-dough-like character

•80 levels

•250 obstacles

•Realistic physics

•3D environments

•Game Center support


Pricing and Availability

Jellboy is available for $0.99 in U.S. and priced accordingly in other regions. Jellboy is available world-wide from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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