Migalolo ocean ebook – 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade reading for kids
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Migalolo: The Ocean Musical is a perfect way to keep children occupied in an entertaining and constructive way. With hours and hours of content, they’ll never get bored of their favorite characters and stories!

This story is a great tale about the ocean and everything in it that will occupy and entertain any child for hours on end. The best part of this app is not only what it does but how it does it. Children can interact with and sing along with the story, which will teach them not only how to read but also about the ocean and the environment without them even knowing!

The story begins as Henry, an ocean-loving boy, and his pet cat Iko wonder what it would be like to see the ocean from under the waves. Well, Henry soon gets his wish as he summons Hailey the Sea Fairy who transforms Henry and Iko into dolphins and sends them on an important quest.

The swimming fish and moving object on the screen help to keep a kid’s attention while they read or sing along with the words that are displayed clearly at the bottom of the screen. The singing is very well performed and sounds incredibly professional for a children’s app.The same can be said about the instruments and songs as well. For a free app you really are getting a lot of quality and hours and hours of work that must’ve went into developing this eBook and it is clearly seen.

The only complaint I could possibly find would be that some of the words are a little small for children to read but since they are being spoken as well it’s not that much of an issue and perhaps it will be remedied in a future update.

In addition, the application can provide infinite replay value because children love to watch their favorite movies over and over again and this is no different. I’m sure they will want to hear the story again and again, which really is a ton of entertainment for a free app. However, obviously they won’t be able to do so in one sitting, which is why it’s a good thing there is a bookmark feature in the app. At any time, pressing the bookmark button will save your place in the story and let you get back to that exact spot very easily so you can pick up where you left off.

Overall this is a very good app for the free price tag and definitely worth the download to occupy, entertain, and educate children.

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