Pet It Out: Hours of Enjoyment with Whimsical Animals
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Imagine a more challenging Angry Birds with intriguing and varied gameplay presented in a whimsical setting and you can start to understand Pet It Out.  In Pet It Out, you bounce, swim, slide, and fly through a virtual world collecting stars and trophies looking for portals to take you to the next level. It’s a game I found simple to play but incredibly addictive because of the various animals and challenges. 

You start off with a relatively simple frog that bounces around from level to level.  Along the way you collect stars and trophies.  In many levels, the stars and trophies are well hidden and sometimes challenging to find.  The higher levels have puzzles which need to be solved before the portal will take you to the next level. 

As you collect more stars, you can unlock more animals.  Each animal has a different ability which is the reason Pet It Out is so engaging.  Each animal presents another twist to the game.  There are over 150 levels in all split between 7 different animals.  And more levels are coming every month which makes Pet It Out a game which always brings new challenges.  I like the sticky orange monkey- I loved sticking to the sides  of mountains. 

The graphics are very good.  It’s definitely whimsical setting with bright colors and large shapes. 

The gameplay is excellent.  Dragging the motion in the opposite direction took a little getting used to but we got the hang of it after a few minutes.   A few reviewers suggested it might be more intuitive to flick the screen in the direction of desired motion because this game is more real-time than Angry Birds.  We didn’t all agree on that.  In the end, I think the current technique for motion is well done.

There are Twitter and Facebook buttons for sharing your accomplishments.  Some games include the Facebook and Twitter integration for following the developers.  We think that’s a little selfish.  The developer of Pet It Out, Candango Games, is more interested to know your progress is shared with your friends. 

Another great feature of Pet It Out is that you can listen to YOUR OWN music.  Why not create a Pet It Out Playlist to listen to while playing?

Pet It Out is available in both an iphone and iPad HD version.  Lite versions also exist so you can get the feeling of the great gameplay. 

Check the game play video:

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