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Ever wondered where those amazing photos of the rolling Tuscan landscape are taken? How about the best viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Or perhaps you’d like to know if there are any good spots near you for a photo shoot. Pic Scout is an iOS app developed to aid photographers in finding beautiful new locations to shoot, or help anyone scout out sites to visit while on vacation. Using Panoramio or Flickr you can find popular images around your current location or anywhere in the world.


* Discover exactly where a beautiful photo was taken

* View a map of photo locations in relation to where you are

* View photographs taken around your current location

* Explore any location in the world using an adjustable search radius

* Display results in a table or as scrollable full screen images

* All search results can be saved into Saved Locations for later

* Mark images as favourites, then find them in Favourite Locations later on

* Switch between Panoramio and Flickr as the photo source for your searches

* Go to the photographer’s Panoramio or Flickr page and see all of their photos


* Scout out great photographic locations – perfect for Landscape Photographers

* Discover amazing photographers to follow on Panoramio and Flickr

* Use the favourites feature as an itinerary for your next trip

* Great for wedding photographers looking for picturesque locations local to a shoot

* Reminisce over a past holiday

* Plan your next holiday’s sight seeing schedule

* Explore the world through photography

* Find places near to your location for a day-trip

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