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Do you have something to tell someone? Maybe it’s big news, or a big secret. There are many ways to tell them. You could tell them in a text, email, or in person. Or you can tell them in a picture! You could let them discover the hidden message, or you could make it even harder. Let them put together an virtual puzzle of the picture, or a puxxle, using a great app called puxxles. Just take a new picture or use an old picture to tell a secret in a puxxle.  Imagine taking a picture of a hand written note or a clue to a secret message and letting your friend slowly uncover the message as they complete the puxxle.  It’s a very cool idea.

To get started, you have to sign up, so you can have access to this great app. To send a puxxle, you can select an existing picture in your library, or take a new picture. Then, you can select how many pieces that your puzzle is separated into. The choices include 9, 16, 25 and 36 pieces. When your puxxle is finished, you can give it a title, then send it to a friend. You can also put together a previously made puxxle in the gallery.. Use these as ideas, or simply to have some good fun. There are many to chose from, and you can only tell what the picture is when you complete them. You can sort the gallery a few ways and it is a great collection of challenging, pre-made puxxles, for any use. To complete them, drag the pieces from the selection area. There are no restrictions, so you can use any strategy you want, to finish with any speed you want. If you are really bored, try to make your own picture puxxle to solve, or make a really tricky one to challenge a friend with.

This free app is a great game to play when you are bored, or to send a message. Putting puxxles together, or naming them, this app has great fun and function that many other apps don’t. For work or for play, this app will truly make your day.


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