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TripGo is a quick and easy way to find your way in, out, and around of a city in either the cheapest, quickest, or most environmentally friendly way possible.

There are a wide variety of potential means of transportation that are all considered to give you the best way to get where you are going. These include taking a car, a bike, finding a taxi, using public transport, walking, sharing a ride, or even motorbiking! Each and every one of these methods can be disabled and enabled at your discretion. For instance, I don’t own a motorbike so I really don’t care how quickly I could get where I’m going by riding one. I also don’t tend to want to walk home from the gym so I have to find an alternate means of transportation for that trip.

The application is obviously designed for the city but it is useful pretty much anywhere I go. There may be less options in more rural areas but it still works as a great navigation app.

TripGo is great at what is does but it also does so much more than that. It lets you set your priorities when selecting a trip so that the application will know whether you prefer saving money, saving time, being environmentally friendly, or maximizing convenience. The convenience and environmental factors are the coolest in my opinion.

To maximize convenience, the app is smart enough to take into account such things as the amount of walking or biking, finding a taxi, and even switching between public transport services. TipGo can even tell you how much CO2 you use by taking each route to help you save the planet! Obviously this is a trade-off situation so you can set how much you care about each of the 4 factors to help the app show you routes that match your criteria.

TripGo also lets you create agendas. For instance if you input all of your locations for the day or week and you will have a personalized travel itinerary for that day or those days. I find this to be helpful in planning out my day because you can figure out ahead of time how quickly you can make it between places to see how your schedule might have to change. Setting up these agendas also allows TripGo to remind you a set time before you have to leave one place in order to get to another. Especially with public transportation this is helpful to keep you on time.

For being a free app, TripGo provides lots of value by saving you money, time, effort, and the planet! How could it be any better than that? I highly recommend downloading this application today.

In addition to IOS, TripGo is also available for Android.



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