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First 100% mobile based Scrum tool, that will make you truly agile. A very simple, easy and flexible way to manage Scrum, agile projects anytime, from anywhere in the world..

ScrumTotal is an invitation to the small firms and enterprise alike to develop the product from the real estate of a mobile phone. This tool is available on the Web, iPhone and Android phones. The app has been very carefully developed to address the need of mobile, and geographically dispersed teams. Even though it is lightweight it covers all of the common usage scenarios in Scrum. Each and every feature of the application has been chosen carefully so that we could keep the tool lightweight and help you become agile. 

ScrumTotal is also an excellent tool to learn Scrum. You could learn Scrum in a right way and use the tool to increase productivity significantly even if you are not in the IT world. We are passionate about making life simple. We have a strong background in creating awesome user experience and world class software that organizations ranging from small startups to large enterprises could trust. We break new grounds by looking forward…

The low cost cuts out the things you don’t need, just keep the thing you absolutely need to focus on the next big thing…

 Organize your projects

· Create projects, teams, sprints, backlog with user stories, and juggle user stories on the move.
· Quickly see the Burndown and Velocity charts.
· ScrumTotal shows you the latest information on each project.

Connect with the team
· Now you can connect with the team anywhere in the world.
· Create tasks, bugs, impediments, log hours and communicate with your team.
· Also see some intuitive reports, history with a click of a button.

Learn to be agile
· A lightweight 100% agile tool with all the features you would absolutely require to be agile.
· Totally based on the fundamentals of Scrum, it significantly reduces the overhead.
· The tool is also a guide to teach you Scrum the right way.
· Least restrictive, easy to learn, a very simple design and one pricing.

Integrates with Dropbox
· Import users and user stories on the phone from Dropbox to save your time.



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