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is new again!



VIENNA, July 14, 2015 – The classic train game SuperTrains has been rebuilt and re-released by indie game developer Impossible Visions !

After passing the one million downloads milestone, Impossible Visions have completely rebuilt the hugely popular train games SuperTrains and SuperTrains free!

They are now 10x faster, and 10x more fun !


Race your train through the labyrinthine railroads, picking up wagons to lengthen your train!

Watch out for the enemy trains that are going to try to crash into you, and whatever you do, don’t crash into the junction points , or derail!

Advance through levels of increasing complexity!

This takes the train game concept to a completely new level!


SuperTrains comes in a free version as well, which allows the player to advance through levels by watching advertisements.




Great fun! ★★★★★

by Kotchko_1 – Version – 1.6 – Jun 2, 2012

By far the best train driving app so far. Very realistic, nice controls, change the view. Sound sample increases or decreases with speed. 

If you go slow & steady, & are aware of how a real train actually behaves, you can get through the levels. (Slow down at curves, don’t stop suddenly.) 

Or you can just thrill ride by highballing, choosing forward view, & letting the train crash & fly off. 

A great game. 

The hype is correct, it’s a simple game with simple controls, but it’s a challenge to master. If you are a train freak, you’ll spend hours on it.


My son loves this! ★★★★★

by mrschitt – Version – 4.0 – Jul 6, 2015

While he (age 4) doesn’t grasp the concepts entirely, he loves this game. The revamped version is almost an entirely new app!


Love this game ★★★★★

by Fjdhdsjahavsv – Version – 2.4 – Sep 8, 2013

This is so awesome you should come up with a super trains 2.




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Impossible Visions is a independent mobile games developer based in Vienna, Austria.

Impossible Visions has over 30 apps in circulation on multiple platforms, and has had more than six million downloads since its inception.

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