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Today we’d like to tell you about application that can help anyone to get rid of insomnia. That could happen at least once in your life: you were lying in bed and looking into the ceiling for long-long hours. Don’t worry about this ailment because you are not lonely. According to statistics, every fifth person in the world regularly suffers from insomnia. As a rule, people in large cities meet with the rapid pace of life, poor ecology, and stresses. All these prevent them from relaxing at night and normal sleeping. The application we’d like to offer is called “Sweet Dream!”. The matter is that it includes more than 30 formulas to get rid of insomnia. When opening the Application, you see four parts, one of which tells about the Application itself, another includes formulas from insomnia, one more composed of 15 songs which helps you go to sleep and fourth helps you unblock all formulas at a time. It is very nice that the Application is absolutely free of charge! After you download it, you can immediately use 5 formulas and all of musical compositions.  Later, every day one new formula will open for you. But! If you want to get all the formulas from insomnia at once in order to choose the most appropriate for you, you can easily do it for $ 0.99! Sweet Dream Application has a very nice design that corresponds to the topic chosen. Every element of it reminds you about sleeping whether it is a night field or a formula written on the blanket or pillow. As for the formulas themselves, it’s necessary to say that they are all very different and easy to follow. Music of the Application also helps you calm down and relax. There are star signs on the left and on the right on the page with the formula list. Big stars on the left show the formulas you liked but those small ones on the right – the formulas rating among the users of the Application. This can help you define the most popular formula and the number of people it has helped. You can highlight the formula you liked clicking the star on the page with the formula description. There’s also a chance to send your favorite formula to your friends in Twitter. We wish you Sweet Dream!


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