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Think Shapes is a fun game but also a challenging puzzle that requires a lot of thought and effort; but the fun makes this work almost unnoticeable!

As of now, there are 5 sets in this game. Each set has a multitude of levels. Since they are split up it might not seem like a lot of gameplay but when you think about it there are a ton of levels, each one both exciting and frustrating to play.

The basic goal is to achieve the “goal” shape by using a combination of the shapes and colors you are given in a layering fashion. In other words, the goal shape will consist of several different layers, each a specific color and shape that you have to carefully determine, select, and order correctly. This sounds easy enough if you are thinking you have to but a green circle on top of a blue square. However, it is much more challenging than that. The shapes can be very confusing and hard to distinguish when laid on top of one another especially with colors playing a factor as well.

All of this confusion would usually make for a terrible game, but Think Shapes is just the opposite. Struggling through difficult puzzles is quite fun and you don’t even notice how much you’re thinking about the problem at hand.

With so many puzzles to work through varying from the easiest combination of two shapes to the much more complicated combinations of many shapes that will even require rotating, Think Shapes is a great application for anyone looking to have a lot of fun and kill some time.

Particularly, if you are a visual learner you will excel at this game and even if you aren’t you will still have a ton of fun playing it.

Another benefit of the game is how easy it is to learn. There is a full tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know and after that you are ready to play.

I highly recommend Think Shapes for the casual logic solver and the competitive puzzler alike. This game has an aspect for everyone to enjoy and it’s highly worth the download. But don’t just read about it, because I can’t capture the colorful vivid feeling to the game. I suggest downloading it and seeing for yourself how much fun you’ll have playing Think Shapes.

Think Shapes is also available on Google Play.  


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