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Vpasana is a helpful utility application for anyone who gets annoyed or embarrassed when a phone goes off in a silent place.

We all hear those speeches and see those signs reminding us to turn our phone off before movies or when entering museums but nobody is perfect and sometimes we forget. Well with Vpasana you can be perfect! And hopefully your fellow smartphone-wielding compadres will be too.

This application works by determining where “Silent Zones” exist in your life and assisting you in turning off your ringer when you enter these zones.

There are two ways that this helpful utility can learn about the existence and location of the “Silent Zones”. The first is the “old-fashioned” way where you can go to the silent zone and tap a button in the app which will create a silent zone in that location. The other, and much cooler, way is actually fully automated. Vpasana is sophisticated enough that it can learn where other users of the application have placed silent zones and create those zones for you as well so that you don’t have to physically create every zone you want to use because there’s a good chance that other users will have already done that for you. In fact, some places will even have the Vpasana logo at the entrance to indicate that you are entering a silent zone!! However, if you need to, creating a zone is as easy to do as tapping a button.

This service is somewhat customizable which I think is a nice added benefit to the user. I don’t personally want an application being able to switch my phone in and out of modes without telling me, even with good intentions, but I still love the idea of this application. Well, with this specific app it can be set to either modify your settings directly or just notify you when you enter a silent zone and let you do the work. Both have their benefits but I prefer to be told when my phone is going into silent mode rather than just having the application do it by itself.

You might be thinking that this app is going to be a hassle because you have to remember to put your phone’s sound back on but that issue is also solved by using Vpasana because it switches silent mode back off when leaving a silent zone.

I think Vpasana is a very helpful tool in making sure we all keep our phones off in places they need to be silent and I highly recommend everyone download this app, especially if you plan on sitting behind me in the movie theater!!

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