AppGrooves: App Recommendation Engine Combines Social With “Hot Or Not” Feature

AppGrooves reveals its new feature: A Social Hot-or-Not for Apps, shared with your Facebook friends

How do you discover new iPhone apps? Nobody is sure whether the apps they own are the best ones for them, because there are so many innovative apps in Apple’s App Store. The ranking charts and search function in the App Store are not enough for most users.

There have been a lot of iOS apps for app discovery, such as Chomp, appsfire and frenzapp. AppGrooves takes a different approach by combining its original algorithm with collective knowledge. AppGrooves has just launched its version 2.0 with a new feature that allows users to vote on apps, share their votes with their friends, and ask their friends to vote via Facebook. AppGrooves can:
- automatically detect installed apps on an iPhone
- present pairs of apps for the user to vote on (a sort of ‘Hot or Not for Apps’)
- let users ask Facebook friends saying ‘which app do you like better?’.
The voting feature is quite addictive, the average user votes on 10 pairs of apps in a row.

AppGrooves accumulates this user feedback and provides unique ways to discover apps. One of the weak points of Apple’s App Store is the absence of comparison between apps. For instance, it is hard to find the best music app for you among the numerous great apps, such as Pandora, SoundHound, Shazam and Spotify. AppGrooves shows which apps have been voted for most frequently, so that users can make an informed decision without having to download and sign-up for all of them.

Another feature the AppStore is missing is social integration. One of the biggest channels for learning about new apps is offline conversation among friends; yet there are few websites or apps for that specific purpose. Simply sharing your apps on your Facebook wall doesn’t really catch your friends’ attention. AppGrooves lets its users share its addictive voting experience with their friends by a simple tap of a button: you can ask your friends to vote on the same pair of apps you have just voted on. Once your friends start using AppGrooves, you can view the apps most popular among your friends within the AppGrooves app.

Get recommendations for free and paid apps and discover the best apps for you!

AppGrooves helps you discover the best among the more than 500,000 apps available from the App Store. With personalized recommendations and powerful navigation tools, you’ll run into great apps again and again.


★My Apps★
Manage your private list of starred apps. AppGrooves will find apps running in the background and well-known installed apps to help you get started. You can also track the apps you recently viewed.

Just vote for the apps you like and you can get more recommendations based on your voting history. You can also view your past votes and recommendations received. It’s super fun and easy, and lets you find new apps during an odd 30 seconds.

★Share with Friends★ (NEW!!)
Don’t you want to know which apps your friends have and love? Just connect AppGrooves to Facebook and you will see the apps that your friends have starred or voted for. AppGrooves does not require any sign-up, just a Facebook log-in.

★Ask your Friends★ (NEW!!)
Ask your friends to vote on apps! See how popular your apps are among your friends.

★Suggested Apps★
Get personalized suggestions based on the apps you like. AppGrooves’ recommendations will continue to improve as you indicate your preferences by starring apps.

★Related Apps★
Ever found an app that’s almost what you want, but just a little off? AppGrooves has an incredibly powerful navigation facility that allows you to step from app to app, finding
- Apps by the same seller,
- Apps with similar descriptions, and
- “People who have this app also downloaded”.

★Find Apps★
Find apps by searching the App Store and view the top-ranked apps in the App Store.

★Apps on Sale★
Quickly find apps that are currently discounted or free.

★AppGrooves’ Essentials★
Get the essential apps for your daily life.

★Tweet Your Apps★
Share the apps you’ve discovered with your Twitter followers.

Note: AppGrooves currently supports the US, UK, Canada, and Japan App Stores. You can change your country setting from My Apps > Settings.

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