AppGrooves makes it easy to discover iPhone apps by its new feature ‘Hot or Not for iPhone apps’

It has been painful for most iPhone users to discover the best apps from 450,000 apps in Apple’s App Store. Most iPhone users discover apps based on word-of-mouth, outside Apple’s App Store. If you image the recent revolution of modern EC engine such as Amazon or Netflix, there should be a better way for users.

AppGrooves provides personalized recommendations for iPhone apps based on the preference of each user. AppGrooves lets you vote on apps, sort of like a Hot or Not for apps, accumulate these votes, and recommends you apps based on your preferences by its original machine learning algorithm.

The average iPhone user downloads 10.2 apps per month (according to the Admob’s report), but spends very little time researching them. Most other apps for app discovery let users register apps manually, but it’s painful for users. We made it simpler and easier. AppGrooves automatically detects installed apps in iPhones, picks up two apps and let users vote. Based on the app list and voting records, AppGrooves learns the preferences of users and recommends other apps.

AppGrooves is a part of the 500 Startups summer 2011 accelerator program.

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