Apple offers Volume Purchase Program for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps

Apple has created a volume purchase program for educators who are looking to purchase apps in large quantities.  under the plan educators can purchase several licensees to the same app at a discounted price and distribute the app to their iOS decices.

This move will help educators who are looking to implement iPads or iPod Touches in to their educational curriculum.

Apple Education informed customers of the new program on its mailing list this week. It allows qualified institutions to purchase apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in volume, and then distribute that software to users.

The new program allows educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of the same application at once, and it also gives developers the opportunity to discount software when purchased in bulk.

Purchasing software through the App Store Volume Purchase Program will result in the facilitator being sent an e-mail with app-specific codes, one code per license. End-users, such as students or faculty with an iOS device, can then redeem the codes in the same manner in which users redeem a gift card on the App Store.

The Volume Purchase Program also includes an optional, separate agreement that allows institutions to use one or more iTunes accounts to sync multiple iOS devices. Using this, an institution can set up devices with generic iTunes accounts and control what apps are available on a device.

Click here for more info on the Volume Purchase Program from Apple

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