AR Fighter: A Beat’em Up Style AR Camera App for iPhone and iPod Touch

PSOFT MOBILE, maker of the hit iOS app Zen Brush, is proud to announce the release of “AR Fighter” for iPhone and iPod Touch. AR Fighter is an AR (advanced reality) app which borrows from the beat’ em up game style and lets users strike any object within their camera’s sights to warp it on the screen.

App Outline
Do you remember with fondness beating up bad guys and destroying cars and barrels in old school beat’em up games and fighting game bonus stages? AR Fighter brings this steam releasing experience to the advanced reality era by turning any object captured by the camera or on a saved photo into the next pummeling target.

Tapping an object captured by the camera causes it to become a target and acquire a life gauge (supports multiple simultaneous targets). Users don’t need to worry about the camera shaking because the targets are auto-tracked thanks to original image analysis technology. As users unleash a barrage of attacks, the target becomes warped and its life gauge goes down. Momentarily pausing the attacks when the life gauge hits 0 enables the Break state, leading to the final strike!

Attacks are not limited to tap strikes; holding the finger down unleashes a special attack. The flashy special attacks change based on how long users hold them.

Users can use either the real time image captured by their camera or read in pictures saved on the device.

App Features:
* Tap the screen to strike or hold your finger down to throw a special attack.
* Automatic tracking feature powered by original image analysis technology.
* Beautiful graphics combining the image from your camera with 3D graphics.
* Can switch to the front camera (if available).
* Can input photos from your album.
* Snapshot function.
* Break Shutter function captures the instant of maximum intensity.
* Time Shift function allows fine tuning of the special effects after taking a snapshot.
* Twitter post function.

* iPad 2, iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation and newer).
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
AR Fighter 1.0 costs $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

Demo Video

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AR Fighter Homepage


AR Fighter - PSOFT

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